With strategic prototypings
we probe future ideas
and boost innovation

To get your ideas off the ground we make them tangible, stage them in a context and simply try them out. Only in a tangible form, is it possible to truly observe how people experience and interact with an idea and, thus, at an early stage reveal hidden potentials or problems.

We arrange suitable prototypings for startups and innovators to explore any scope of questions. We supervise prototypings, stage experiences and evaluate reactions.

In short design sprints we boost your innovation project with the full power of our tools, methods and expert network. Our approach is human centered and combines creative, visionary and economic thinking.


HEYNEW supports Viseca Card Services of Aduno Group with prototypings for innovation projects and product developments from ideation to market test.

HEYNEW helps Intrapreneurs of Swisscom who take part in the internal innovation initiative «Kickbox» to make their ideas tangible and challenge their concepts. HEYNEW and Swisscom also cooperated for the conception, design and implementation of Swisscom «Pirates Hub».

SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) employed HEYNEW to visualize ideas and visions of future services for intra-corporate communication.

Together with Meteor Collectif HEYNEW launched «Pumpipumpe», a sharing community for neighbors. Sharing amongst neighbors is fostered with stickers on mailboxes that communicate which items someone is ready to lend to a neighbor.

Popup Office, a start up aiming to change the way we work, is supported by HEYNEW with office-hacks and experience journeys. Website

HEYNEW independently explores trends like internet of things, 3d-printing, artificial intelligence or augmented reality. HEYNEW Labs develops and prototypes such ideas.


Ivan is an explorer who surfs innovation blogs and crowd funding pages all day long because he can’t wait to get his hands on the future. He always tries new ideas and masters who to do it best. He developed his skills working on various projects at BrainStore, SBB New Business and as Co-Creator for Swisscom. Ivan knows pretty much every strategy, method or tool in the world of innovation. However, his approach is very pragmatic: You need to directly experience visions! To spread this belief he founded HEYNEW. Oh and, Ivan loves to eat and drink well and he says Hey New a lot!


Joachim loves space ships and good stories. He explores possible futures sometimes playful, sometimes almost like a scientist. He is an expert at developing and visualizing concepts. His work experience as an industrial designer in Seoul and Shanghai enables him to experiment with unfamiliar principles and to enthusiastically engage diverse perspectives. As an architectural visualizer, he depicted a lot of «unbuilt future» together with architects and designers in Switzerland. He is convinced, that ideas about the future are particularly interesting, if they are discussed and developed collectively.




We would very much like to introduce you to our service and the way we work.

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